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Nicole Couloute developed her passion for personal finance and financial independence for women while she was in college. She went to college and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from University at Albany and Masters of Science degree in Accounting with a concentration in Personal Financial Planning at Texas A&M Commerce. After finding the courage to leave an abusive relationship, Nicole discovered her passion for financial independence and set out on a quest to educate women. Nicole started a women’s group at her college which still operates today called Women Excelling in Business. After graduating college, Nicole started working at one of the largest accounting firms. She utilizes her knowledge of tax and financial statement preparation and auditing to empower women to be financially independent and teach women how to build empires. Nicole started a personal finance club called Queens Building Empires which she teaches women how to get started investing, build wealth, save on taxes and get out of debt. She speaks and moderates at women empowerment conferences and workshops. Nicole, an avid believer in creating multiple streams of income, owns a boutique called Couloute Luxury Boutique. She sells clothing, shoes and accessories on various marketplace platforms and will be launching her website www.coulouteluxuryboutique.com later this year. Nicole has over 172,000 followers on her various marketplace platforms.


To contact or book Nicole, please email info@nicolecouloute.com