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Hair Routine

Here are the products I currently use. Best if viewed on a computer instead of the phone. I have posted my affiliates links to all the products and may receive a commission if you purchase.

Mixture of oils- I make a little mixture and put them in my hair.

Vitamins I take daily- Prenatal vitamins help me with lots of things. Always consult your doctor before taking anything.

Flat Iron- I use and hair stylists have used on me I recommend 1 inch one to get a very smooth look.

Heat Protectant Always use heat protectant before using heat

Disclaimer: These are the products I personally use in my daugher's hair and my hair. I may not use other products from these brands if it doesn't work for me. So these specific products work for us.

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Nicole is an experienced accountant and influencer who has worked with a range of businesses from small businesses to billion dollar companies including Ann Taylor, & Kind Foods.

Her passion lies in accounting, fashion and marketing. Nicole has launched her exclusive fashion line, the Nicole Grace Collection, and continues to grow her business with marketing services and accounting focused towards entrepreneurs. She is an international speaker and available to be booked for your events.

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