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Monthly Review Process

Happy February 2022! I wanted to share the monthly review process that I do. I look at everything that went wrong and everything that went right. I see what I did to get those results. I do more of what worked and less of what did not work. Also, I take inventory of things that took too much of my time and also things I did not enjoy.I find ways to be more efficient. I am increasing the activity on the things that worked. It is also important to look at what made the most money and what you enjoyed the most. Find ways that you can increase that. This month I am focusing on the income streams that make the most money and the partnerships I have this month as well. Send me a message on instagram @nicolecouloute and let me know what is working well for you.


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Nicole is an experienced accountant and influencer who has worked with a range of businesses from small businesses to billion dollar companies including Ann Taylor, & Kind Foods.

Her passion lies in accounting, fashion and marketing. Nicole has launched her exclusive fashion line, the Nicole Grace Collection, and continues to grow her business with marketing services and accounting focused towards entrepreneurs. She is an international speaker and available to be booked for your events.

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