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Self Care Essentials

Self care is so important. Self care can be expressed in many forms. I express self care by taking naps as shown below, watching TV, hanging out with my friends or taking a bath. Also, I made sure to get a comfy mattress and bed frame that made me feel like a queen. It is the little things that count. Comment below ways you express self care.

Bed Frame- Is currently 36% off and free shipping as of the posting of this blog. Click Here to Purchase

Mattress- 10 inch King Mattress. It is available in other sizes. Super comfortable. Click Here to Purchase

I like to use satin or silk pillow cases because they are soft. They also help prevent split ends.

Check out the Satin Sleep Set in Leopard here. When using my affiliate link, a 20% discount code will appear on the top of your screen. This set is available in multiple colors.


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Nicole is an experienced accountant and influencer who has worked with a range of businesses from small businesses to billion dollar companies including Ann Taylor, & Kind Foods.

Her passion lies in accounting, fashion and marketing. Nicole has launched her exclusive fashion line, the Nicole Grace Collection, and continues to grow her business with marketing services and accounting focused towards entrepreneurs. She is an international speaker and available to be booked for your events.

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