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My 2024 Projects

Update on my 2024 Projects. I am writing some books.

I Just Saved Myself Book Series: Book 1: 5/31/24

Memoir about how Nicole, who almost lost her life at 19 years old transformed her life to a businesswoman and appearing in multiple movies. Nicole is one of eight children and left her parents at 17 and went to college with the man that she would have to save herself and her child from on that night that was suppose to be her last. Nicole talks about what she learned about the price of freedom.

Numbers Don't Lie  5/31/24

A woman dies and leaves behind a daughter, Britney  that wants answers. Her mother was working on discovering what really happened when millions and a priest went missing. Britany teams up with her friend Elizabeth from college that was previously an auditor to discover what really happened. 

Christmas Movie

Nicole is currently writing a Christmas movie. 

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