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2022 Biggest Goals

Welcome March! It's March. I will be documenting my journey this year here on my blog and on my instagram. Check out my instagram stories and my posts and reels. My biggest goal this year is to figure out where I want to buy my dream home. I am in between two different ideas. One is to buy in an area in which I move in 5 years and another option is in area I love. I am going to visit tons of areas and see which ones I love the most. I am also going to save tons of money for my dream home. I will share what income streams I will be doing this year and each month.

This month I plan to do some acting, accounting & bookkeeping, reselling and influencer work. My fashion website will be a huge focus as well. I am going to be very resourceful with my time. Also, this month I am improving my knowledge of Facebook ads and working on a Facebook certification. I will be going live on my Instagram a few times a month so turn on your notifications for that. One thing I have learned alot this year is to listen to my own voice. You can do anything you feel you can do. You also have to feel worthy of what you want. Another thing that is important is to execute on opportunities that come your way. There are some projects I am working on this month and my daughter is going to help a lot this month with my reselling and my influencer work.

If you have Instagram or Facebook, check and see if you have been invited to be paid for creating reels. Batch content and make those reels even if you are not being paid to do so. This month I am making tons of reels. Last month, I posted a reel to my instagram every single day. Check out my reels and let me know what you want to see.

I am making a blog post at least once a week this month so let me know in my instagram stories what you want to see.

Check out this Pinterest Board to see designs I want for my dream home. You can also save the board to see my update. On my Pinterest, I have closet design boards and etc too.

See you next week,


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Mar 06, 2022

I love you using your blog to share your goals.



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