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Books That Keep Me Motivated

Here are some books that provide motivation. I love listening to audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos and etc that motivate me. I read multiple books every month. If you have a library card, you can use the libby app to listen to audiobooks, read magazines, books and etc for free. These are only book recommendations and not recommendations of any authors, programs and etc. I will keep adding to this list as I read new books. You can always check back under the business/finances category. Someone I listened to in college was Eric Thomas aka The Hip Hop Preacher. His famous motivational saying that helped me through college is ” When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.” I would listen to him on repeat on YouTube. 

The book ” Rich Dad, Poor Dad” I read as a child and it formed my money thoughts.

Note: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. If you purchase via these links, I may receive a commission.


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Nicole is an experienced accountant and influencer who has worked with a range of businesses from small businesses to billion dollar companies including Ann Taylor, & Kind Foods.

Her passion lies in accounting, fashion and marketing. Nicole has launched her exclusive fashion line, the Nicole Grace Collection, and continues to grow her business with marketing services and accounting focused towards entrepreneurs. She is an international speaker and available to be booked for your events.

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